Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association


Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Date 3rd May 2017          Venue:  Winslow Bowls Club

Present : 21 People – Bob Hine, Peter Coker, Malcolm Richards, Barry Somers, Linda Coker, John Thompson, , Ian Forbes, David Gander, Brenda Gander, June Swash, Len Ward, Eric Smith, Derek Turner, Ann Smith, Tony Lee, Chris Barksfield, Pete Barksfield, Doris Brooks, John Brooks, Derek Carter, Victor Griffiths

1. Apologies for absence: Brian Latham, Val Latham, Mervyn Wilson, Hilary Richards, Sheila Ward, Alan Egleton, Sue & Ken Leaver.

2. Minutes of last meeting 16th April 2016

approved as a true and accurate record .

Proposer: David Gander

Seconder: June Swash

Unanimous vote in favour.

Matters Arising

Collection of registered BSMBA members email addresses is underway.

3. Correspondence


4. Chairman’s Report

Thanks to Winslow for providing the venue.

We had one committee meeting to discuss how to attract more registered bowlers to play in friendly games and competitions. Otherwise no meetings were necessary.

It has been another enjoyable year’s bowling; thank you to members for their support and to the Committee for their hard work in making it a friendly and active County. We are pleased that Hertfordshire also support our friendly games, and invite BSMBA members to theirs.

On behalf of all members, Bob Hine, Peter Coker and Brian Latham were thanked for all the hard work they put n to organising County events.


5. Membership Secretary’s report

Report submitted in his absence:

Numbers:  Clubs remain at 24  

Registered Players down 5 to 547

Player Registration -  A new Registration Secretary was recruited last year by ESMBA and from my point of view, he has done an excellent job. New cards were issued promptly and mid-year registrations have all been acknowledged.

ESMBA Registration Fees -  For the forthcoming year the Registration Fee will increase by £1 to solely cover a new initiative by the ESMBA to provide Personal Accident Insurance for every ESMBA registered Member whilst on the premises or elsewhere in connection with organised short mat bowls activities, including commuting to and from your destination.

See Appendix for details.

There was some discussion on the acceptability of a fee increase for insurance some believed they already had through club insurances. It was pointed out the ESMBA scheme provided personal accident cover for members additional to any other cover clubs provided.The scheme, if accepted by a majority of Counties at the EGM would be mandatory for all clubs.

The proposal, together with details of the insurance, was put to the Committee who, as the elected representatives of registered members, decided to vote for the insurance scheme at the ESMBA EGM. The ESMBA vote was 31 to 16 in favour of the insurance proposal.

Email Addresses - It is also hoped that clubs will forward their members email addresses to me/Bob for inclusion in a master contact list to try to encourage greater numbers of entries into competitions organised by BSMBA. I will be incorporating a column for this in my Annual Registration Documentation. I have received details from just over half of the clubs, but please remind Beacon, Farnham Common, Farwell, Hawkslade, Iver, Marsh Gibbon, Railway, Sands, Stewkley, Widmer End and Wing that I have not had any details yet (even if negative).

6. Team Manager

Inter County Games: won all qualifying games and beat Essex in the preliminary round of the knockout phase. We then beat Avon in the quarter-final but lost rather convincingly to North Yorkshire (strictly a Premier Division side) in the semi-final. It was a great achievement to progress so far, of which we should be proud.

Friendly Games: played two against Essex B and won both.

Handy Cross offers good playing conditions and visitors have complimented us on the venue.

ESMBA; ICC Group 4: London County have withdrawn so we will play Herts, Northants and Oxford in 2017-18. Proposed dates are now received and a schedule is on the BSMBA website along with friendly games and other competitions. A final schedule will be sent to all squad members.

Some players have left the County team but a few more have joined, so strength remains satisfactory and numbers are such as to ensure all players get a fair share of games.

In-house competitions: a series has once again been arranged for the summer with the hope that more registered members will join in. We welcome continuing strong support from Hertfordshire.

We have 183 email addresses so far but would like as many as possible so that all members can be directly informed of County events. Hopefully more members will join in.



7. Treasurer’s report

The accounts for year ended 31st March 2017 were presented.

We still have a substantial surplus. The friendly competitions make money, helped also by the raffles.

Handy Cross hire is £170 a day and these costs are included in the individual events and competitions expenditure.

The accounts were offered for approval.

Proposer – Len Ward

Seconder – John Thompson

Vote - unanimous



8. Secretary

Nothing to report. It is proposed this role be combined with that of another committee member.

9. National competition organisers

It was disappointing that entries for the County heats for the National Championships were down on previous years. In the event, 13 members progressed to the finals at Melton Mowbray providing 2 in the singles and 2 teams in the pairs, triples and fours with one team in the mixed fours. Congratulations to both pairs for getting through to the KO stages and to the triple of Arnie Jaffe, Malcolm Warwick and Ian Forbes for progressing to the third round of the KO stages.

A plea to members – the more who enter the trials, the more we get through to the national championships. Please support it next year.

It is proposed that this coming season BSMBA will change the way these heats are used. We will introduce a new County competition – the Buckinghamshire Championships -  to decide County champions in singles, pairs, triples, fours and mixed fours. The format will be just the same as the National heats. Those who play may also (hopefully many will) indicate that they, if successful, also wish to be considered for entry to the National Finals. The top 4 teams or players in each discipline who wish to progress thus will be put forward to ESMBA who will decide, based on a number of factors, who will be accepted.The meeting thought this a good proposal.

10. Fees

It is proposed to keep match fees unchanged; that is £5 for a home game, £3 for an away game.

The annual registration fee of £6 is currently comprised of an ESMBA charge of £3.00 and a BSMBA charge of £3.00. The insurance element increases the ESMBA charge for 2017-18 to £4.00. Peter Coker proposed that in view of the healthy County finances we should pay the £1/head insurance levy ourselves this year and not pass it on to members, reducing what the County gets to £2.00 per head. This change would be for this year only. A vote was taken and the proposal was accepted by the majority – 20 votes for, 1 against.

11. Election of Officers

There were no new nominations and all the current committee members have agreed to stand for re-election except the Secretary. It was proposed that the Chairman and Secretary’s roles would be combined for this year.

It was proposed to elect the existing committee on this basis en bloc

Proposer: Ian Forbes

Seconder: Len Ward

Vote – unanimous.

The Committee members therefore for 2017-18 are:

Chairman/Secretary               Malcolm Richards

Team Manager      Bob Hine

Membership Secretary   Brian Latham

Treasurer     Peter Coker

National Competition Organisers  Peter Coker and Brian Latham

12. AOB


13. Date of next AGM

Wednesday 2rd May 2018 7:00 pm at Winslow Bowls Club.

The AGM closed at 7:55 pm.