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Bucks v Northamptonshire

On Sunday 13th November, Bucks travelled to Daventry to play against Northants in their fourth Inter County match.

Northants won the toss and put Bucks in to bowl first. With new mats and on a bowls carpet, some players found the going a little heavy, but David Gander seemed to cope well enough, winning his first game 19 shots to 13.

Irene Roberts and Arnie Jaffe won their pairs as did Sharon Drake and Bob Hine, although the scores were very close in both games.

Jenny Burden, Peter Clarke and Malcolm tingle raced away to a 18 shots to 5 victory and Hilary Richards, Kevin Dwyer and Malcolm Richards won their game 10 shots to 8.

In the fours, Rosie Millard, Jan Hedges, Chris Millard and Neil Hedges won their game 13 shots to 7, giving Bucks a 12 points to 4 lead at the half way stage.

After a lunch break, Paul Knight won his singles game 25 shots to 11 and David won his second game 14 shots to 11. Irene and Arnie won their second pairs game and Sharon and Bob just lost theirs by 3 shots, but scored enough to give Bucks the aggregate points.

At this stage of the match, Bucks had scored 22 points and so the match was secure. It just remained for the triples and fours to add some more points to the total.

Hilary, Kevin and Malcolm won by 17 shots to 9, securing an extra 2 points and the bonus points.

Both fours drew their games and so secured a further 1 point each.

The final score was Bucks 205 shots and 28 points, Northants 172 shots and 12 points.

Another great victory for Bucks. Well done team, just two more games to go.

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Bucks v Essex B

On Saturday 26th November, Bucks travelled to East Hanningfield to play a friendly match against an Essex B team.

As always, this was a most enjoyable day’s bowling. Arnie Jaffe won both his singles games, David Gander and Malcolm Warwick won both their pairs.

The triples of Peter Clarke, Jenny Burden, Malcolm Tingle, and Derek Carter, Mervyn Wilson and John Thompson won all their games, giving Bucks a total of 16 points towards the final score.

All the other players contributed to help the team gain a further 6 bonus points and make up the end result of Bucks 203 shots and 28 points, Essex B 160 shots and 12 points.

The Well done Bucks. Keep the flag flying high !!

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