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The next match is a friendly against Essex B at East Hanningfield Village Hall on Saturday 14th October

Bucks v Oxfordshire  1st October 2017

On Sunday 1st October, Bucks welcomed Oxfordshire to Handy Cross, for their third game of the 2017-18 Inter County Competition.

According to Wikipedia,  “Déjà vu is a feeling of familiarity, and déjà vécu (the feeling of having "already lived through" something)    That was my exact feeling as I began to write this report.

Oxfordshire came out with all guns blazing and had no intention of taking prisoners. They won both the singles games and both the pairs games to start with, scoring 61 shots and 8 points to Bucks 39 shots and 0 points.

They went on to win one of the triples and one of the fours to notch up an impressive 12 points to 4 at the end of the first session. With such high scores, it looked inevitable that they would get the bonus points in both the singles and pairs.

These were (almost) my very same words lifted from last week’s report on the match against Hertfordshire. Déjà vu

The four points for Bucks were scored by Val Latham, Irene Roberts and Brian Latham, winning 15 - 10 in their triples game, and scoring a “Hot Shot” in the 11th end, and Rosie Millard, Brenda Gander, Tony Short and Chris Millard who won 13 - 5 in their fours game.

After a short break, the second session started more favourably for Bucks, with David Gander winning his singles game 17 - 8, and Kevin Dwyer and Arnie Jaffe winning 14 - 12 in the pairs.

Could history repeat itself with Bucks winning all four remaining games?

In the triples, Val, Irene and Brian started the ball rolling with a 15 - 4 win, Malcolm Warwick, Mervyn Wilson and Ian Forbes pulled back 2 shots in the last end for a 9 - 9 draw. With enough combined shots they also got the 2 bonus points.

Rosie, Brenda, Tony and Chris worked their magic for another 2 points and Hilary Richards, Tony Rixon, Geoff Ames and Malcolm Richards came good to win their fours game 14 - 10. Another 2 points plus the bonus points.

And then it was adding up time. Unfortunately, despite all the best efforts of all the team, Oxfordshire had enough shots in the singles and pairs to take the bonus points in both disciplines and so Bucks fell short by just 2 points.

The final score: Bucks 186 shots and 19 points  -  Oxfordshire 178 shots and 21 points.

Congratulations to Oxfordshire for a great game and well done Bucks for rescuing us from what could have been “a disaster darling”.

The next match for Bucks is a friendly away to Essex B on Saturday 14th  October.

For all the scores click the link:  SCORES

Bucks Championships - Over 55's Pairs competition - Sunday 5th November




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