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The next match is against Hertfordshire at the Elm Court Community Centre, Potters Bar, on Saturday 25th November 2017

Bucks Championships - Over 55's Pairs competition - Results

The first competition in the new BUCKS COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS took part on Sunday 5th November at Handy Cross Indoor Bowls Club. This was the Over 55’s Pairs Competition, with 10 pairs taking part in two groups of 5. This competition was run in conjunction with the National Trials.

Each team played the other four teams in their group with the top two from each group going through to the play offs.

All the games were very closely fought with some excellent bowling throughout the day.

The teams playing for the top four places were:

Brian and Val Latham, Brenda and David Gander, Irene Roberts and Malcolm Richards, Kevin Dwyer and Bob Hine.

The final results of the Bucks County Championships were:

1st place: Brenda and David Gander

2nd place: Irene Roberts and Malcolm Richards

3rd place: Kevin Dwyer and Bob Hine

4th place: Val and Brian Latham

For all the scores click the link:  SCORES

The Qualifiers for the National Championships were:

1st place: Brenda and David Gander

2nd place: Kevin Dwyer and Bob Hine

3rd place: Val and Brian Latham

4th place: Paul Knight and Arnie Jaffe

From left to right:

David Gander, Malcolm Richards, Irene Roberts, Brenda Gander

From left to right:

Val Latham, Brian Latham, Bob Hine, Kevin Dwyer

Bucks travel to Daventry to play Northants

On Sunday 12th November, Bucks travelled to Daventry IBC, to play against Northants in their fifth game of the ICC series.

Both Paul Knight and David Gander won their singles games in style whilst Malcolm Warwick and Ian Forbes won their pairs game, giving Bucks a good start with 6 points on the board.

The triples of Joan Northcott, Irene Roberts, Arnie Jaffe and Jean McNab, Jenny Burden, Malcolm Tingle, won their games, followed by the four of Rosie Millard, Hilary Richards, Chris Millard and Malcolm Richards winning theirs. Another 6 points making it 12 - 4 to bucks at the half way stage.

With two non-playing umpires, the decision had been made to play straight through without a break, and so the singles and pairs went straight out onto the mats as soon as the previous games had finished.

Paul and David repeated their success of the first half giving Bucks all 10 points for the singles. For the pairs, Malcolm and Ian won again and so did Kevin Dwyer and Bob Hine, scraping through with a 12 -11  victory, giving Bucks a further 8 points.

At this point in the match the score was 24 - 4 to Bucks and so the pressure was off. But that didn’t affect the triples who both won their games giving Bucks a further 6 points to make the final total 196 shots and 30 pts to 175 shots and 10 pts.

The points score didn’t reflect the quality of the match, whereas the shot difference of just 21 shots over 16 games indicates some very close fought games, and meant that Bucks had to fight for every point.

Thanks to Northants for a great game and well done to Bucks for yet another victory.

For all the results follow the link:  RESULTS