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The next event at Handy Cross is Australian Pairs on Sunday 20th May


The first in the series of Summer Friendly games, took place on Sunday 22nd April at Handy Cross Indoor Bowls Club. This was a “Spoon Drive” and proved to be one of the best attended games ever, with visitors from both Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire Short Mat Bowling Associations.

49 players took part, playing with 3 woods, over 8 games of 5 ends each. It was really good to see young player Alex, taking part and holding his own again more experienced bowlers and being accepted by them as an equal, and not as a child to be wrapped in cotton wool.

After eight games, the players with the highest aggregate scores were declared the winners while the player with the lowest score was awarded the wooden spoon.

There was plenty of good humoured banter and some seriously good bowling but it was unanimously agreed that it was a most enjoyable day, and players are now queueing up to take part in the next event, which is the Australian Pairs competition on Sunday 20th May.

Top Man with a score of 57 shots overall was Paul Knight. Top Lady with a score of 52 was Sheila Leckie.

To see all the scores in numerical order, click on the link. SCORES

…..  And the winners are ….

Top Lady  -  Sheila Leckie

Top Man  -  Paul Knight

Alex Roberts in action. Certainly a player to watch in the future.

During the summer,  we continue to bowl with a series of fun and friendly games organised for the benefit of all registered members.

We are also invited to take part in similar events organised by Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire Associations, and they in turn are invited to ours.

This means that we can enjoy some competitive bowling with an element of fun, and the chance to win some prizes.

If you are a registered member of any of the above Associations, and would like to take part in these events, just contact your local Association secretary for full details or send us an email on  shortmat.bucks@tiscali.co.uk.

A list of some of these games can be found on the Diary 2018-19 page.

We will try and keep you up to date with all of these events and hopefully maintain your interest with some pictures as we go along.

Meanwhile, we would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our website and we hope you will continue to support the team of willing volunteers who keep all the County Associations running.