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Friendly match against Essex B

Sunday 12th March

On Sunday 12th March, Bucks welcomed Essex B to Handy Cross for a return friendly match. As always, the game was played in good spirit and a great atmosphere.

Malcolm Warwick set the ball (bowl) rolling with a 14-11 victory in the singles and Sharon Drake put up a great performance to just miss out by 2 shots.

Ann and Bob Hine won their pairs, but not without a few worrying moments when their opponents started to make inroads into their 11 - 4 lead. They scraped home 12 -10.

Jenny Burden, Irene Roberts and Malcolm Tingle also managed a win by the closest of margins, as did Rosie Millard, Derek Carter, Peter and Linda Coker in the fours. They won 7-6.

8 points each at the halfway stage but with Bucks trailing 68 - 110 on shots. Had we under estimated the strength of the opposition, or were we just a little weary after our recent run of games.

Play continued without a break, and fortunes were reversed in the singles with Malcolm just missing out by 1 shot but Sharon picking up 4 on the last end to win 15 - 11.

Ann and Bob won their second game as did Jenny, Irene and Malcolm. They were joined by Jean McNab, Peter Clarke and Arnie Jaffe who won their game 15 - 7.

With just the fours to play, the score was on a knife edge, with Bucks needing just 2 points to secure a win. Rosemary Followell, David Hobbs, Chris Millard and Malcolm Richards were up 9 - 7 going into the last end. Could they hold on for victory . …………… 3 shots in the last end and we could all breathe a sigh of relief. Game won although the shot difference belied the result.

Bucks 168 shots 21 points - Essex B 200 shots and 19 points.

A most enjoyable game. Well done Bucks and thanks to Essex B for making it a great day.             SCORES


To finish off the winter season, BSMBA organised an Australian Pairs competition, which took place on Sunday 19th March.

23 pairs took part, and everyone agreed it was a good day, with plenty of first class bowling and the usual amount of friendly banter.  Only one pair won all their four games and 4 points, so well done to Derek and Victoria. The other places were very close with seven pairs winning three games and 9 points. The top two went to shot difference, which were the same. It then went to ends won and they were the same, and so the prize money was shared between the two pairs.

The top three places were:

1st place  -  Derek Kent and Victoria Nemar

Joint 2nd place  -  Barry Bates and Peter Clarke

Join 2nd place  -  Malcolm Richards and Tony Short

To see all the scores and more pictures

click on the link. RESULTS


Over the coming months, there are more competitions which are open to all registered members of the Association. These will take place on the following dates:

Sunday 23rd April  -  Spoon Drive

Sunday May 14th  -  Australian Pairs

Sunday June 18th  -  Team 3 wood Triples

Sunday July 16th  -  team 5’s

Sunday August 20th  -  Australian Pairs

To enter, send your name and contact number to: