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The next event at Handy Cross will be on Sunday 17th March 2019

Subject to the results of the ICC Semi Finals

Bucks Championships & National Trials  


On Sunday 16th December, just 12 players took part in the Bucks Championships and National Trials for Triples.

This was a very disappointing number of entries and just half that of the previous year. It was hoped that by combining the Bucks Championships with the National Trials, it would encourage more members to take part. Perhaps it was the close proximity to Christmas that reduced the number of entries, but then again, it may be that more publicity is needed to reach the other 517 registered members in the County.

It would be very sad if this lack of support caused the demise of both our entry into the National Championships and the Bucks Championships, but it is just not economically viable to continue to hold these competitions with just a handful of players. Nor is fair on the organisers, who put in a lot of time and effort in arranging these events.

Let’s hope that next year, more players will come forward to take part in what is a very good way to spend a day, in good company and with  some enjoyable bowling.

The winners of the Triples competition were:

1st Place:  Sharon Drake, Barry Somers, Malcolm Tingle

2nd Place: Malcolm Warwick, Ian Forbes, Arnie Jaffe

3rd Place: Val Latham, Irene Roberts, Brian Latham

4th Place: Peter Clarke, Darren Brown, Victoria Nemar

Well done to all those who took part and congratulation to the winners. For all the scores, click here:  SCORES

Bucks Championships and National Trials   

4’s and Mixed 4’s

On Sunday 6th January 2019, just 17 players came together to bowl in the Fours and Mixed Fours of the Bucks Championships and National Trials. As the entry this year was so low, it was possible to combine both disciplines on the same day.

In the Mixed Fours, just two teams competed, with Val Latham, Kevin Dwyer, Irene Roberts and Brian Latham, beating Peter Clarke, Darren Brown, Victoria Nemar and Mary Clarke in a one game play off.

In the Fours, there were four teams taking part, so they each had three games, playing each other. Once again, the team of Val, Kevin, Irene and Brian were victorious and will now represent the County at the National Championships later in the year.

Well done to all those who took part and congratulations to the winning team.

For all the scores and results click here.  RESULTS

National Championships - Allocations

The allocation of Buckinghamshire teams to be entered in the

National Championships is as follows:

Singles: 2  -  Pairs: 3  -  Triples: 2  - Fours: 1  -  Mixed Fours: 1  -  Over 55 Pairs: 3

Congratulations to all those who have qualified for these places.

For full details of the qualifiers click here:  QUALIFIERS

Inter County Championships

Buckinghamshire won their Quarter Finals game against Herefordshire and now proceed to the         Semi Finals where they will play Suffolk, who beat Kent in their Quarter Finals game.

The Semi Final match will take place on  Sunday 3rd March at Daventry IBC

On Sunday 17th February, Bucks travelled to Daventry to meet Herefordshire in their ICC Quarter Finals match.

It was always going to be a close fought game, and no one would put money on the outcome. But Hereford started off in blazing form and won both singles and pairs games for a clear 8 point start.

However, that score was quickly levelled by the triples of Val Latham, Malcolm Richards and Brian Latham, Brenda Gander, Ian Forbes and David Gander, and the fours comprising Peter and Linda Coker, Tony Short and Malcolm Tingle, Rosie and Chris Millard, John Thompson and Geoff Ames. 8 points to Bucks, making the honours even at the half way stage.

The second session started better for Bucks with Sharon Drake playing a really steady game for an excellent 11 -9 win, and the pairs of Malcolm Warwick and Kevin Dwyer, Ann and Bob Hine both winning. Unfortunately the scores in these games were not high enough to win the bonus points and so it was 6 points to Bucks and 6 points to Hereford. Once again, all square at 14 points each, with just the triples and fours to play.

In the triples, Brenda, Ian and Malcolm drew their game 11 all. Val Malcolm and Brian drew their game 12 all. In the fours, Rosie, Geoff, John and Chris drew their game 9 all.

Things were getting quite tense out on the mats, with more than a little nail biting going on.

However, Peter, Tony, Linda and Malcolm, bucked the trend with a magnificent 17 - 7 win and with enough shots to secure the bonus points. The triples also won the bonus points making a final score of 23 - 17 in favour of Bucks.

Well done to all the players. It was a great contest and a thoroughly enjoyable day.

For all the scores, click here:  RESULTS

The Diary of events for 2019 - 2020 is now available. Click on the Diary page